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COVID-19 Update

This is a very difficult time for all of us but rest assured that the entire Ensurco team is working diligently to make sure we all get through this.

5 ways to save on rental vehicles

When you’re on vacation, costs can really add up — from hotel extras to transportation and tickets to tourist attractions.

Backwater valve 101

A sewer backup can be caused by anything from clogged or grease-filled drains to tree roots, collapsed sewer lines, or heavy rain — and once a backup begins, it can do a lot of damage.

Cyber Liability Insurance Protects Your Business  test

How Cyber Liability Insurance Can Protect Your Business from Online Crime

Cyber crime is a leading concern for businesses around the world – are you prepared for a potential hack? For a business owner, there’s something particularly menacing about a breach of cyber security. Maybe it’s that you can’t possibly see it coming. Or that sensitive information – belonging to...

Recruitment Business Needs Professional liability Insurance

Work in recruiting ?

Getting hit with a lawsuit must be a recruiting firm’s worst nightmare. It may or may not be your fault and it may or may not even happen. But if it does and you aren’t prepared, you could find yourself involved in a long, expensive and arduous court battle. Negligence; inadequate work...

Ontario Car Insurance


Ontario car insurance is mandatory by law! Whether you're a new driver or an experienced one, the law in Ontario requires that all motorists carry auto insurance. Getting an auto quote can be frustrating however; at Ensurco we’ve simplified the process. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s simple. In...

5 Ways to Get Affordable Car Insurance in Ontario

5 Ways to Get Affordable Car Insurance in Ontario

If you’re looking for an affordable car insurance, you’re in the right place. Getting a great car insurance rate is easy if you know what to look for and how to access the discounts. Even if you already have insurance that you feel is affordable, you could still save money! The process for...

What is a High risk Driver and High Risk Insurance?

What is a High risk Driver and High Risk Insurance?

A high risk driver is someone that doesn't have a great driving record. Although the reason someone is classified as a high risk driver may vary from company to company, the impact on your finances can be devastating. For starters, a high risk driver will have fewer options on getting cheap car...

5 Ways to Save on High Risk Car Insurance

5 Ways to Save on High Risk Car Insurance

There’s no denying that high risk car insurance is expensive and so saving money on high risk car insurance may seem impossible. However, by having access to a licensed insurance advisor from Ensurco, you may be able to find high risk insurance at an affordable rate. That's in large part due to...

Home Insurance 101

Home Insurance 101

Home ownership is one of the biggest financial investments most people will ever make if not the biggest. That's why it's important to protect your investment with an Ensurco home insurance policy. In the event of a claim, home insurance helps minimize the financial impact on you and your family...

5 Ways to Save on Home Insurance

5 Ways to Save on Home Insurance

Most people don't realize now they could save on home insurance. In minutes, you could save hundreds on your home insurance premiums annually! At, we’ll help you find ways to save on your home insurance premium. In minutes, by using our on-line quoting service, we’ll review your...

Small to Mid-Size Business Insurance

Small to Mid-Size Business Insurance

As a business owner, you’re responsible for making important decisions every day. Those decisions impact the direction you take and the money you make and of course; either directly or indirectly; your decisions have an impact on the lives of others. You plan and plan and plan but there are...

What is life insurance?

What is life insurance?

Life insurance protects the financial security of the people you love by providing a tax-free payment to your beneficiaries. The amount of coverage and type of insurance you buy should be based on your circumstances and needs. The cost of individually purchased life insurance depends on your age...

What is Critical illness insurance?

What is Critical illness insurance?

Critical illness provides a lump sum cash payment in the event that the policyholder is diagnosed with one or more specific illnesses on a predetermined list as part of an insurance policy. The policy may require the policyholder to survive a minimum number of days (the survival period) from when...

Why You Need Travel Insurance

Why You Need Travel Insurance

Your flight is booked, accommodations confirmed and your bags are packed. But are you ready to travel? While traveling is one of the greatest experiences in life, it does come with many unknowns. The best way to prepare for those unexpected situations is with travel insurance. Affordable travel...

7 reasons why travel is good for you

7 reasons why travel is good for you

You’ll never appreciate the world until you get out of your comfort zone and travel.  You’ll never build real confidence until you have to depend on yourself, while on your own in a foreign country.  How can you learn about other cultures until you walk their streets?  The world is becoming...

Welcome to the Ensurco Group Family

Welcome to the Ensurco Group Family

Strength and stability you can count on Ensurco Group has been a leader in group insurance for over 25 years specializing in Group Insurance for Associations and Employer Groups. Since the mid 90’s we have been working with the Major Group Insurance Carriers administrating programs for...

Why enroll in a Group Program?

Why Enroll in a Group Program?

The Ensurco Group program provides members of your organization with a complete line of quality insurance products. It allows your organization to offer a new and meaningful corporate benefit – a voluntary home and auto insurance program with money-saving features accompanied by expert insurance...

Top Small Business Insurance Myths

Debunking the Top Small Business Insurance Myths

Navigating small business insurance can be tricky. As a small-business owner, you’re likely juggling many different roles already – from CEO and CMO to customer service representative and resource allocator, there are plenty of hats you need to wear. That’s why when it comes to your insurance...

Benefits of Working With an Insurance Broker

Benefits of Working With an Insurance Broker

While insurance brokers and insurance agents both sell insurance, insurance agents are employees of an insurance company and bound by contract to work with only that insurance company. The result is that your options and choices, as a consumer, are limited to one market.

Define Sudden & Accidental

Insurance coverage usually excludes damage that results over time.

Coinsurance explained

Coinsurance is a clause in a property policy, the purpose of which is to encourage insureds to carry limits of insurance that reflect proper values.

Named Perils vs All Risk

There are variations on this but essentially insurance companies offer two types of property coverage for residential and commercial property; Named Perils and All-Risk.

Cancellation of a Claims-made policy

With a claims-made policy, coverage is provided back to a retroactive date, effectively, the effective date of coverage.


What is a retroactive date?

Liability Insurance, Occurrence vs Claims-made form

What’s the difference between a business liability policy written on an ‘occurrence’ form vs a ‘claims-made’ form?

Replacement Cost insurance vs Actual Cash Value

What is the difference?

Cyber Liability Insurance explained

Majority of businesses rely on computer and data technology and as a result are frequently exposed to cyber risk. Types of cyber risks include, identity theft, data breach and cyber-attacks.

Business Interruption insurance explained

What does business interruption insurance do?

Installation Floater explained

An installation floater is part of a commercial insurance policy that covers property installed, fabricated or erected by a contractor.

Professional Liability explained

What does Professional liability do for you?

  • Rasoul K.

    What our clients say

    After talking to many different insurance companies, I spoke to Ensurco New Business Team. They returned my call quickly, provided the best rate and helped me set up a home insurance policy within an hour. Great service!

    Rasoul K.
  • Edward L.

    What our clients say

    I recently sent Ensurco an email requesting changes to my auto policy. I got a quick response. All the changes were completed in a timely manner and I received a detailed email with my billing schedule attached.

    Edward L.
  • Maria L.

    What our clients say

    Amazing staff to deal with. Very fast and efficient. My broker explained the difference between condo insurance and condo corporation insurance.  Thank you!

    Maria L.
  • Michelle B.

    What our clients say

    I was in a time crunch to get an auto application done on a Friday afternoon as I was picking up a new car. I called my customer service rep at Ensurco and she was able to get me a quote, provide an application and even send confirmation to my dealer with a liability slip. Keep up the good work.

    Michelle B.
  • Kelly S.

    What our clients say

    As a high risk driver, I was looking for a good rate as well as good coverage. I spoke to an Ensurco broker who helped me set up a 6 month policy so that I can eventually move to a regular market at less premium. You guys came through when no one else cared.  Thank you so much for your help. :)

    Kelly S.
  • Mark C.

    What our clients say

    When my son and I decided to travel to Calgary for a week, I called my broker at Ensurco who was able to provide me with great coverage at a really good price. I got my travel documents by email within 10 minutes. Exceptional timing!

    Mark C.
  • Don S.

    What our clients say

    Claims service! Most people dread talking to an insurance company or broker to report a claim. But I recently called my insurance broker at Ensurco about a possible water damage claim. He was able to guide me through the process.  The decision was mine as to whether or not I would proceed with the claim.  If so, he explained that he could connect me directly with the insurance company adjuster and resolve the issue. Great advice and great service.  Thanks Ensurco!

    Don S.


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