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Why Ensurco Home Insurance?

True fact, most people shop their car insurance more often than home insurance.  We can’t stress the importance of having a good home insurance policy in place. For most people, their home is their biggest asset. Which is why we devote our efforts to making sure that we have you covered.
We shop 30+ insurance companies to ensure that you are getting the best coverage at an affordable rate. We'll secure on your behalf a comprehensive property coverage including sewer back up, flood coverage, identity theft and much more...
As an Ensurco client and as we move forward together, a dedicated team of expert insurance advisors  will review your renewal to guarantee your coverage always meets your growing needs with the most competitive rate in the market! 



Mr. Evans has finally built his retirement home. It’s a 2700 square foot home, complete with outdoor pool, shed and three car garage. It’s a beauty! He has worked hard to be able to purchase his dream home so when he shopped for insurance, he wanted to make sure he got the right...


Mr. and Mrs. Yakub purchased a condo last year. Throughout the year they invested a lot of time and money in renovations. They installed new lights, replaced the bathtub and fully renovated the kitchen. They even upgraded to hardwood floors! So naturally, their insurance policy had to be upgraded...


The Usman Family is new to Canada. With the help of a friend, they managed to find a spacious apartment for rent. They had already been staying there 4 months before they heard about tenant insurance! Mr. Usman was eager to find a policy. He thought that he had contents insurance through his...

  • Rasoul K.

    What our clients say

    After talking to many different insurance companies, I spoke to Ensurco New Business Team. They returned my call quickly, provided the best rate and helped me set up a home insurance policy within an hour. Great service!

    Rasoul K.
  • Edward L.

    What our clients say

    I recently sent Ensurco an email requesting changes to my auto policy. I got a quick response. All the changes were completed in a timely manner and I received a detailed email with my billing schedule attached.

    Edward L.
  • Maria L.

    What our clients say

    Amazing staff to deal with. Very fast and efficient. My broker explained the difference between condo insurance and condo corporation insurance.  Thank you!

    Maria L.
  • Michelle B.

    What our clients say

    I was in a time crunch to get an auto application done on a Friday afternoon as I was picking up a new car. I called my customer service rep at Ensurco and she was able to get me a quote, provide an application and even send confirmation to my dealer with a liability slip. Keep up the good work.

    Michelle B.
  • Kelly S.

    What our clients say

    As a high risk driver, I was looking for a good rate as well as good coverage. I spoke to an Ensurco broker who helped me set up a 6 month policy so that I can eventually move to a regular market at less premium. You guys came through when no one else cared.  Thank you so much for your help. :)

    Kelly S.
  • Mark C.

    What our clients say

    When my son and I decided to travel to Calgary for a week, I called my broker at Ensurco who was able to provide me with great coverage at a really good price. I got my travel documents by email within 10 minutes. Exceptional timing!

    Mark C.
  • Don S.

    What our clients say

    Claims service! Most people dread talking to an insurance company or broker to report a claim. But I recently called my insurance broker at Ensurco about a possible water damage claim. He was able to guide me through the process.  The decision was mine as to whether or not I would proceed with the claim.  If so, he explained that he could connect me directly with the insurance company adjuster and resolve the issue. Great advice and great service.  Thanks Ensurco!

    Don S.

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  • Did you Know?

    We have an in-house financial planning division, we can also look after your estate planning, RRSPs and RESPs. Looking for a great rate on a GIC, mutual fund, mortgage or loan?

  • Did you Know?

    Did you know there is a tremendous difference between mortgage insurance sold by the banks and term insurance we offer clients? Speak to you broker to find out why OUR option protects you and your family, and your pocket book … not the bank’s interest!

  • Did you Know?

    Searching the market for the best quotation for insurance can be a very frustrating task. We always do our best to help everyone, but if we are unable to assist you, we will take the time to explain why and even suggest alternatives that may be of help.

  • Did you Know?

    Our courteous team members will always go above and beyond the call of duty to meet your individual needs.

  • Did you Know?

    At Ensurco it’s important to us to maintain a personal approach to doing business, while still offering the flexibility and reliability of dealing with major insurance markets.

  • Did you Know?

    Our knowledgeable representatives have shown many of our customers the advantages of a personal mortgage or loan insurance policy.

  • Did you Know?

    We offer critical illness and disability insurance with coverage second to none. Before signing on the dotted line for your loan or mortgage, ask an Ensurco Financial representative for a quote.

  • Did you Know?

    For many years, Ensurco has helped people and businesses get the best insurance coverage at the best rates available, with Canada’s best insurance markets.

  • Did you Know?

    Is your company planning on holding a special event such as a BBQ, golf tournament, and Christmas or staff party? Most business insurance policies do not cover such events. A separate liability policy has to be purchased especially if alcohol and/or sports are involved.


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